Sprint deserting sinking LightSquared ship

Here we go again. It's more bad news for embattled would-be LTE provider LightSquared. Now Sprint is kicking the company when it's down. But the consequences could be a long and expensive court battle: Bad news for U.S. taxpayers, as we'll see in The Long View, by Richi Jennings.

Yes, yesterday's WSJ rumors were true: Sprint is invoking a contract termination clause:

Sprint said today it will return $65 million in payments it had received from LightSquared. ... The loss of Sprint adds to concerns about the viability of LightSquared and the future of [the] $3 billion investment...[from] hedge fund Harbinger Capital Partners.
LightSquared paid Sprint $310 million in advanced payments. ... Sprint said...that it would keep most of that.

Why is this happening now? Simple: Sprint is fed up with extending LightSquared's chronically missed deadlines.

Anyone with a decent understanding of the real, analog world would have known this will never work. ... LightSquared's argument...is incredibly naive...[because] the LightSquared terrestrial power is...a million times stronger than the weedy GPS signal. ... The failure of its...signal to co-exist with GPS...on nearby spectrum was utterly predictable.

Correctly, the FCC put a stop to this stupidity, but not before it had granted a temporary waiver to permit LightSquared's bogus plan. Nobody seems to know of any coherent technical reason why the FCC initially did this. The only conclusion I can reach is that it was the victim of lobbying.

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