Now cut that out!

This IT pilot fish is getting a new manager every year -- and the pattern of how it happens is pretty obvious.

"A new manager would task the department to find and implement cost-cutting measures," says fish. "The manager would then show his cost savings to upper management and would be promoted.

"When we were on our fourth manager, I submitted a detailed finding suggesting that we turn on the 'power save' option for all laser printers throughout the building. We had over 100 at the time, and I had detailed information from our power provider showing how we would save thousands of dollars just by enabling the power-save option."

Manager leaps on the idea immediately and has fish and his cohorts go around to every printer to set the power-save option on.

Sure enough, the manager is promoted within the year.

The fifth manager arrives and, true to form, asks for cost-cutting measures.

This time, fish submits a detailed report showing that too many people are wasting time waiting for laser printers to warm up after going to power-saving mode. Fish's recommendation: Improve efficiency and reduce costs by turning off the power-save feature.

"The idea was accepted and my now angry peers and I went to each and every printer and disabled power saving," fish says.

"When the sixth manager came on and asked for ideas, my peers threatened me so I had to put away my next idea, which was to set the dots-per-inch settings on all printers to 300 DPI to save ink -- though that would have been changed the next year due to the claim that paper was being thrown out due to readability issues..."

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