Why we love users

User calls the help desk because she can't print from her computer, and the trouble ticket is routed to this pilot fish.

"When I got to her desk, she was on the phone," says fish. "I heard her say, ‘Never mind, a computer guy just showed up.'

"Turns out she has a print job on the server that won't delete. She gets up and leaves while I'm working on the issue."

Turns out it's not a big challenge. From the user's desk, fish remotes into the print server and determines that it will take a reboot to make the job go away.

He reboots the server, closes the session and heads back to his own desk -- and finds there's a voice message waiting for him.

It's the user, calling to tell him that she's having a problem printing. But halfway through, she breaks off, saying, "Never mind, a computer guy just showed up."

Sighs fish, "Calling me directly is a no-no where we work.

"A half-hour later, she called me directly again -- to let me know that I shouldn't worry about her printer issue, because she fixed it herself!"

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